Starting June 17, 2019, you will have a new way to check the status of a claim on the Availity Portal for Empire.  The link under the Claims & Payments menu is titled Claim Status and Remittance Inquiry. The options for Empire as a payer will no longer be available on the legacy claim status inquiry tool as of that date.


You may also use the Go To menu on the patient eligibility and benefit detail page to navigate seamlessly to the new look.


The new claim status look includes color coded patient ID cards and easy to read claim detail.


Secure Messaging Changes

A new Actions menu on the updated Claim Status page will be used to access the Secure Provider Messaging tool. The link Do you have a question about this claim? will no longer be available with the new claim screen. You can also use the Actions menu to edit or print the claim screen.


For more information on the changes, a Claim Status – Training webinar is coming mid-month.  Access the training Enroll link by logging in to the Availity Portal and selecting Help & Training | Get Trained.

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