Empire BlueCross BlueShield (“Empire”) is required by the State of New York to ensure that we are publishing accurate directory information for our members in both our on-line and paper provider directories. However, this information is only as good as what you, our physicians and practitioners provide.


In the past Empire conducted an annual verification of your demographic and participation information by either fax or roster via email and we asked that you reply confirming the information was correct or needs correction. In order to lessen the administrative burden, Empire has changed the process.


We will continue to send your office the demographic and participation information we have on file for each location.  However, effective July 1st, 2020 this information will be sent to you quarterly, but if there are no changes, you do not have to reply.   You need only respond with changes.


If you received a fax and need to add a new office location(s) and/or any other additional demographic changes that are not on this form, complete the Provider Maintenance Form, which can be located by navigating to www.availity.com> Payer Spaces > Empire BlueCross BlueShield > Resources > Empire BCBS Provider Maintenance Form


If your office received a roster, there is a separate tab where any additional offices can be added.


Again, please note that even though you will receive the data quarterly, no response will constitute no changes and we will continue to display the current information in our system in the online Provider Directory.




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