Empire BlueCross BlueShield (“Empire”) is committed to helping providers and facilities with hassle-free healthcare administration.  To that end, we have simplified the network structure for our Commercial membership.  Our three Commercial network offerings are Connection, Blue Access, and PPO/EPO, all housed within a single provider universe. All providers in Connection are in Blue Access, and all providers in Connection and Blue Access are in PPO/EPO - it’s as simplistic as that!

  • Connection is a new, custom-tailored narrow network focused on making high-quality care as affordable as possible.
    • Member ID prefixes are BCW, BKT, CJL, H9N.
  • Blue Access offers in network access to nearly all key hospitals and aligns with our physicians—to make access to high-quality care more affordable.
    • Member ID prefixes are BAW, BGW, CFT, XNU, YXE.
  • PPO/EPO offers our broadest in-network coverage providing greater access to high-quality care for New Yorkers.
    • Member ID prefixes are KIH, NIW, VQA, ZVF, ZYL.


We encourage you to check out our Empire 2021 Provider Guide here which provides the full product names and member prefixes associated with each network.  




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