Beginning August 20, 2018 Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR) will be your exclusive online tool for initiating and checking the status for many of your inpatient medical authorizations; and inpatient and outpatient behavioral health authorizations for Empire local market membership.*


The ICR offers a streamlined process to request these inpatient and outpatient procedures through the Availity Portal.


How do I gain access to the ICR?

You can access our ICR tool via the Availity Portal. If your organization has not yet registered for Availity, go to and select Register in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


If your organization already has access to Availity, your Availity administrator can grant you access to “authorization and referral request” for submission capability and “authorization and referral inquiry” for inquiry capability.


You can then find our tool under Patient Registration | Authorizations & Referrals. Then select the Authorizations or Authorization/Referral Inquiry option as appropriate.


Is ICR training available for providers?

You can attend one of the ICR monthly webinars. Register for the next webinar here: [].


Who can providers contact with questions?

For questions regarding our ICR, please contact your local Provider Relations representative. For questions on accessing our tool via Availity, call Availity Client Services at 1-800-AVAILITY (1-800-282-4548). Availity Client Services is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Eastern time (excluding holidays) to answer your registration questions.


What benefits/efficiencies does the ICR provide?

  • You are automatically routed to our ICR. Once the ICR is available, when you go to Authorizations in the Availity Web Portal, you are automatically routed to the ICR in order to begin your prior authorization request.
  • You can determine if prior authorization is needed. For most requests, when you enter patient, service and provider details, you will receive a message indicating whether or not review is required.
  • You will have inquiry capability. Ordering and servicing physicians and facilities can locate information on preauthorization requests for those they are affiliated with; this includes requests previously submitted via phone, fax, ICR or another online tool (for example, AIM Specialty Health®).
  • The ICR is easy to use. You can submit outpatient and inpatient requests for services online using the same, easy-to-use functionality.
  • The ICR reduces the need to fax. The ICR allows text detail as well as images to be submitted along with the request. Therefore, you can submit requests online and reduce the need to fax medical records.
  • There is no additional cost to you. The ICR is a no-cost solution that’s easy to learn and even easier to use.
  • You can access the ICR tool almost anywhere. You can submit your requests from any computer with internet access. (Note: We recommend you use Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox or Safari for optimal viewing.)
  • You receive a comprehensive view of all your preauthorization requests. You have a complete view of all the utilization management requests you submitted online, including the status of your requests and specific views that provide case updates and a copy of associated letters.


*Coming later in 2018 – ICR will be available for Medical outpatient authorizations, National Account membership, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage membership. Look for announcements informing you of these additions in upcoming communications.

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