Empire BlueCross BlueShield ("Empire") is committed to delivering exceptional service to our New York customers. Beginning August 2018, we are simplifying the way we do business by moving our customers to the Federal Employee Program operating systems. Some of the current functionality is changing to provide more consistency and alignment within the Blue Cross Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan, also known as the Federal Employee Program, or FEP. 


FEP Phone Numbers: 

There are no changes to the phone numbers for New York FEP customer service and utilization management. Please continue to use the current phone numbers listed below.  

Customer Service: 1-800-522-5566

Precertification: 1-800-860-2156


FEP FAX number: 

New fax number for all claims and correspondence as of 8/18/2018 is 855-299-4382. Please continue to use existing fax lines until that date.


Automated Phone System:  

You will have the ability to request duplicate remittance vouchers.


Remit and Payment Cycle:  

Claim payments will be issued daily.


Mailing Address:

Address for Claims and Correspondence up to 8/18/2018: 

PO Box 3876

Church Street Station

New York, New York 10008-3876


New Address for Claims and Correspondence effective 8/18/2018:

Claims and Correspondence

P.O. Box 105557

Atlanta, GA 30348-5557


In order to prevent delays or misroutes, in claim processing, provider must complete box 32, Service Facility Name and Address on the CMS 1500 claim form.


Claim number: 

The claim number format will change, below are examples:

Current Claim Number Format: 89991234560

New Claim Number Format: 18999P234560SA


Provider portal:   

Providers can continue to access information at www.empireblue.com.

Refund and Recovery:

New name for submitting overpayments and inquires:

Federal Employee Program

Central Region – CCOA Lockbox

P.O. Box 73651

Cleveland, OH 44193

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