Empire BlueCross BlueShield's new Select Medicare Advantage plans on the HealthPlus Select Network (effective January 1, 2022) are available in four downstate counties — Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and New York. Medicare HealthPlus Select can be identified with a subscriber ID prefix of RXJ. Medicare HealthPlus Select is a custom-tailored set of new plans comprised of a more focused composition of providers and hospitals.


It is important to note that Medicare HealthPlus Select is not the same as the HealthPlus Medicare Advantage/ DSNP network, which rolled out earlier in 2021. Providers in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and/or New York counties interested in joining Medicare HealthPlus Select should contact their Provider Collaboration Manager regarding the application process and eligibility criteria.


EBSCRNU-0222-22 February 2022


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