Effective for dates of service beginning January 1, 2019, the following Medicare Part B devices will be preferred to support cost-effective benefits. During precertification initiation or renewal, providers requesting a nonpreferred device will be encouraged to switch to a preferred product. The preferred and nonpreferred products are listed below.


Preferred Devices

  • Euflexxa® (J7323)
  • Hyalgan® /Supartz® (J7321)
  • Duralone® (J7318)


Non-preferred Devices

  • Gel-One® (J7326)
  • Gelsyn-3® (J7328)
  • Genvisc 850® (J7320)
  • Hymovis® (J7322)
  • MonoviscTM (J7327)
  • Orthovisc® (J7324)
  • Syncvisc® or Synvisc-One® (J7325)
  • TrivuscTM  (J7329)

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