Patient360 is a real time dashboard you can access through the Availity Portal that gives you a robust picture of your Empire BlueCross BlueShield (“Empire”) patient’s health and treatment history and will help you facilitate care coordination.


If an Empire patient has a Care Gap Alert your medical practice can locate Active Alerts on the Member Summary page of the Patient360 application.


What’s new:  Medical providers now have the option available on Patient360 to include feedback for each gap in care that is listed on the patient’s active alerts.


However, to be able to access the Care Gap Alert Feedback you will need to provide an individual NPI. If you select an NPI from Express Entry menu, the feedback options will not be available.

Once you have completed all the required fields you will land on the Member Summary page of the application. To provide feedback, select the Resolution Health Index (RHI) within the Active Alerts section. This will open the Care Gap Alert Feedback Entry screen. You can choose the feedback menu option that applies to your patient’s care gap.


Are you using Patient360 for the first time? You can easily access Patient360 on the Availity Portal.

First, you need to be assigned to the Patient360 Role which your Availity Administrators can locate within the Clinical Roles options.


Once you have the Availity role assignment, navigate to Patient360 through the Availity Portal by selecting the application on Empire Payer Spaces or by choosing the Patient360 link located on the patient’s benefits screen.

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March 2020 Empire Provider News