Here is a reminder on how we’ve made it easy for you to access remittance advices online for all Empire BlueCross BlueShield (“Empire”) members using the Remittance Inquiry tool on the Availity Portal.


How to access the remittance inquiry tool:

  • Log in to the Availity Portal.
  • From the Availity home page, select Payer Spaces.
  • Select Empire from the list of payer tiles.
  • Select Applicationsand then Remittance Inquiry.


How it works

After selecting the organization, select the tax ID number from the drop-down menu. You can choose multiple search options: electronic funds transfer (EFT) number, check number, payment number or issue date range. If you choose issue date range, you’ll need to select the provider under the Express Entry drop-down or enter the NPI (typically the group NPI). You have the option to sort your results by provider name, issue date, check/EFT/payment  number and check/EFT amount.

Note: To access a capitation payment, you must use the tax id and check/EFT/payment number options.


Do you need an imaged copy of the remittance for your files?

Select the View Remittance link associated with each remit and print or save.

  • Remit images are available for all Empire members.
  • Remits of over 50 pages will return the first 50 pages for viewing.
  • To view all pages, download or print the remit.
  • Search in span of seven days and up to 15 months back.
  • To conduct a remittance inquiry, be sure you have the role of “View Claims Status Inquiry”. Contact your administrator if you need this access.


Don’t see this valuable tool when you log in to the Availity Portal?

Contact your administrator to request claims status access, which includes the Remittance Inquiry tool. If you do not know who the administrator for your organization is, log in to Availity, go to your account and select My Administrators.


If you have questions about the features on the Availity Portal or need additional registration assistance, contact Availity Client Services at 1-800-282-4548.


If you have questions about the tools and resources available within Payer Spaces or on the Empire website, contact Provider Services at the number listed on the back of the member’s ID card or your local Provider Relations representative.


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